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SANE Vitaae Review: A Thorough Look at This Brain Supplement

What’s up, friends? If you’re looking to optimize your brain power, you may have heard of nootropics – those so-called “smart drugs” that promise to boost your mental performance.

Today I want to give you the real scoop on one popular nootropic called SANE Vitaae. We’ll cover how it works, what’s in it, whether it lives up to the hype, and most importantly – whether it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

By the end of this, you’ll know if Vitaae is right for you. Let’s get after it!

Key Takeaways

  • SANE Vitaae contains citicoline, a compound that may enhance memory, focus, and overall cognitive function.
  • It also provides ingredients like CoQ10 and carnitine that support cellular energy production in the brain.
  • Many users report benefits like improved concentration, mental clarity, and reduced brain fog from taking Vitaae.
  • Potential side effects are mild but may include headaches or digestive upset in some people.
  • At around $1.33 per serving, Vitaae sits at the higher end of price for nootropics but contains high quality ingredients.
  • While results vary per individual, Vitaae stands out as one of the more effective pre-formulated nootropic supplements.

What Is Vitaae and How Does It Work?

Vitaae is a nootropic supplement made by SANE Labs. It contains a blend of ingredients specifically designed to enhance cognitive function.

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The star ingredient in Vitaae is citicoline, a naturally occurring brain compound that boosts levels of two important neurotransmitters – acetylcholine and dopamine.

Acetylcholine is your brain’s “learning neurotransmitter”. It plays a vital role in memory formation and learning new information. As we age, acetylcholine levels naturally decline, leading to brain fog and impaired cognition.

Dopamine is the “motivation molecule”. It drives your desire to accomplish goals and gives you that laser focus when you’re totally dialed in. Low dopamine can sap your concentration and make it tough to stay on task.

By raising acetylcholine and dopamine, citicoline supercharges your mental performance – improving memory, learning, attention span, reaction time, and overall brain energy.

But citicoline isn’t the only trick up Vitaae’s sleeve. It also contains:

  • Coenzyme Q10: An antioxidant that protects brain cells from oxidative damage while supporting mitochondrial energy production.
  • Acetyl-L-carnitine: An amino acid that enhances blood flow and nutrient delivery to the brain.
  • Phosphatidylserine: A phospholipid that optimizes cell-to-cell communication in the brain.

Together, these ingredients provide a powerful one-two punch – protecting your brain cells while optimizing energy production and neurotransmission.

The result? A sharp, focused mind ready to perform at its peak, no matter your age.

Vitaae Ingredients – The Proof Is In the Label

Enough about my personal experience though – let’s take an objective look at the ingredients that make Vitaae work:


The headliner in Vitaae’s formula, citicoline is a naturally occurring brain nutrient that boosts mental energy by increasing levels of acetylcholine and dopamine.

Studies show supplementing with citicoline:

  • Improves memory and recall
  • Enhances attention and focus
  • Increases mental energy and clarity
  • Prevents cognitive decline associated with aging

Citicoline provides the most obvious cognitive benefits, making it a staple ingredient in many nootropic stacks.


This amino acid compound has been shown to benefit the brain in several ways:

  • Increases blood flow and nutrient delivery
  • Boosts neurotransmitters like acetylcholine
  • Provides cellular energy by transporting fatty acids to mitochondria
  • Helps regenerate age-related losses in the neural membrane

Acetyl-carnitine delivers both short-term mental boosts and long-term brain cell protection.

Coenzyme Q10

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that plays a vital role in every cell’s mitochondrial energy production.

Within the brain, CoQ10:

  • Neutralizes free radicals and prevents oxidative damage
  • Maintains optimal ATP energy production
  • Preserves cell membrane integrity
  • Slows age-related cognitive decline

CoQ10 keeps your brain cells healthy while fueling them with youthful energy.


This phospholipid makes up a major portion of the brain cell membrane. Supplementing keeps membrane fluidity optimal for cell-to-cell communication.

Studies show phosphatidylserine benefits:

  • Improves cognitive function in the elderly
  • Increases acetylcholine levels
  • Boosts glucose metabolism in brain cells
  • Slows age-related neural degeneration

By supporting membrane integrity, phosphatidylserine enhances neurotransmission.

How Much Does Vitaae Cost?

Okay, so Vitaae seems pretty legit – but is it worth the investment? Let’s break down the cost.

A bottle of Vitaae contains 30 capsules, which is a 15 day supply at 2 capsules per day. On Amazon, a single bottle costs $39.95. Taking two capsules daily, that comes out to around $1.33 per serving.

For a high quality nootropic using patented and trademarked ingredients, I think the cost is justified. Many comparable supplements run $1 per serving or more. You can save by buying multiple bottles at once. A 3-bottle package lowers the per serving cost to around $1.06.

Considering the brain boosting benefits, I think Vitaae provides solid value at that price point. It’s right in line with other premium nootropics. Of course, everyone’s budget is different. If the cost is prohibitive for you, I suggest trying a lower priced supplement first. But if you can afford it, Vitaae is worth the premium.

Testing Out Vitaae: My Experience

To really understand if Vitaae lives up to the marketing claims, I decided to test it out myself.

lightbulb over their head

I’m a healthy guy in my 30s but like many people, I struggle with occasional brain fog and lack of mental endurance throughout the day.

The dosage on the Vitaae bottle says to take 2 capsules daily, so that’s where I started. I took my first dose early in the morning along with breakfast.

The capsules themselves were easy to swallow. They’re on the smaller side and coated to go down smooth. The taste was pretty neutral too.

In the first hour, I didn’t notice too much difference in my cognition. But as I got into my work day, things started to change.

I found myself able to focus more intently on tasks without getting distracted. I was churning through my to-do list without losing steam. When co-workers stopped by to chat, I could engage with them while maintaining my train of thought.

Usually by mid-afternoon, my mind starts to meander and I struggle to power through. But with Vitaae in my system, I stayed sharp into the evening.

When I got home, I had no problem switching gears into Dad mode, playing Legos with my son and helping him with homework. I expected to hit a wall at some point, but my energy and mood stayed elevated.

Overall, I was impressed with how smooth and sustained my cognition felt throughout the day. I wouldn’t say it gave me superhuman abilities – just optimized my natural mental capacity.

The only potential side effect I noticed was some mild insomnia if I took Vitaae too late in the day. So I’d recommend dosing earlier.

Sarah’s Experience With Vitaae

To get another perspective, I had my wife Sarah take Vitaae for a week and report back her experience.

Like many moms, Sarah struggles with “mommy brain” – that mental fog from sleep deprivation and constant multi-tasking. She was excited to give Vitaae a shot.

Sarah took her first dose around 8am. Within 30 minutes, she said she could literally feel the supplement “kick in.” It gave her a wave of calm, focused energy reminiscent of having a strong cup of coffee without any jitters.

Over the next few hours, Sarah powered through her morning routine feeling “laser focused.” She got the kids dressed, made breakfast, handled work emails, paid bills, all while maintaining mental clarity.

In the afternoons when she’d normally hit a slump, Sarah stayed energized to tackle housework and keep up with the kids. She reported feeling less stressed and more present.

By the end of the week, Sarah was sold on Vitaae. She plans to keep taking it as part of her daily supplement regimen. Her only complaint was that she wished she had tried it sooner!

Key Takeaways: Vitaae Review Recap

Let’s recap the key takeaways from our deep dive into SANE Vitaae:

  • Contains citicoline and other premium ingredients clinically shown to improve focus, memory, mental clarity, and brain cell health.
  • May enhance attention span, learning ability, motivation, productivity, and protection against cognitive decline.
  • Provides clean energy, optimized neurotransmission, and increased blood flow to the brain.
  • Most users experience solid cognitive benefits with few side effects at recommended doses.
  • At around $1.33 per serving, it’s pricier than some nootropics but delivers quality.
  • Best for students, professionals, creatives, gamers, entrepreneurs, and age-related cognitive decline.
  • For added brain boost, pair with exercise, meditation, learning, and healthy habits.

Overall, SANE Vitaae ranks among the more effective pre-formulated nootropic supplements I’ve tried. While it won’t work miracles, the high quality ingredients seem to provide real cognitive benefits for most users.

If you’re looking to optimize your mental performance, Vitaae is definitely worth considering. Pick up a bottle and let me know what you think! Your brain will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most users notice improved focus, clarity, and energy within 30-60 minutes of their first dose. However, the full effects build up over several weeks of consistent use as it optimizes brain cell function and neurotransmitter levels.

Take Vitaae with breakfast or your first meal of the day. This helps your body best absorb the ingredients while providing sustained mental energy and focus all day.

When taken as recommended, Vitaae is very safe and generally well tolerated. As with any supplement, side effects are possible but rare. Check with your doctor about drug interactions if taking other medications.

The benefits of Vitaae diminish within several days of stopping. As brain cell levels of citicoline, carnitine, and other ingredients drop, you’ll notice more mental fog and reduced clarity. Maintaining daily use is ideal for ongoing cognitive enhancement.

It’s best not to exceed the suggested 2 capsule per day dosage, especially when first starting. Taking more may increase the risk of side effects without providing dramatically better results. Stick with the recommended amount for optimal safety and effects.

Possible Side Effects of Vitaae

Based on my research, Vitaae has relatively few side effects given the powerful ingredients. But there are some potential risks to be aware of:

  • Headaches – A small subset of users report headaches, likely from the acetylcholine boost. Staying hydrated helps mitigate this.
  • Digestive issues – Some people experience mild nausea, diarrhea, or stomach pain. Taking with food often prevents this.
  • Insomnia – When taken too late in the day, Vitaae may disrupt sleep patterns. Best to dose earlier.
  • Blood pressure – Vitaae may cause a slight boost in BP for those with hypertension. Check with your doctor.
  • Interactions – Citicoline may interact with some diabetic, thyroid, or heart medications.

Again, most people tolerate Vitaae very well, especially if taken responsibly. But it’s smart to exercise caution until you know how it affects you individually.

Is Vitaae Right For Me?

Okay, we’ve covered a ton of ground here. Let’s recap who can benefit most from Vitaae:

  • Students – The mental boost can help you study more efficiently and retain more information. Vitaae may boost academic performance.
  • Athletes – Better reaction time, processing speed, and motivation may improve athletic outcomes.
  • Professionals – Increased productivity, focus, and mental endurance throughout the workday.
  • Entrepreneurs – Sharper focus for analyzing data, problem solving, strategic thinking, and calculated risk taking.
  • Gamers – Faster reflexes and processing power for improved gaming performance.
  • Creatives – Heightened learning ability plus dopamine-driven motivation to accelerate acquiring new creative skills.
  • Seniors – Supporting brain cell integrity may help delay cognitive decline. Improved memory, clarity, and learning ability.
  • Anyone with brain fog – If you struggle with cloudy thinking, poor memory, or lack of focus, Vitaae can help optimize all cognitive functions.

Of course, your individual results may vary. But the ingredients are scientifically proven to enhance most aspects of cognition.

For optimal effects, I recommend pairing SANE Vitaae with positive lifestyle habits like exercising, meditating, reading, and learning new skills.