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ONNIT Alpha Brain Review: Boost Focus, Memory & Concentration?

Do you want to boost your productivity, skyrocket your focus, and take your cognitive performance to the next level? Are you looking to unlock your full mental potential?

Then you need to get your hands on Alpha Brain by ONNIT.

Developed by world-renowned podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan, Alpha Brain is one of the most popular nootropic stacks on the market. With over 1 million bottles sold, it has a proven track record of delivering incredible cognitive benefits.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore everything you need to know about ONNIT’s Alpha Brain so you can decide if it’s the right brain supplement for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Alpha Brain is a premium nootropic supplement designed to combat brain fog and enhance cognitive speed.
  • With key ingredients like Cat’s Claw, Bacopa, and Alpha GPC, it supports memory, focus, and mental processing.
  • The capsules are stimulant-free and side-effect-free for most people.
  • Over 59,000 reviews on Amazon average 4.1 stars, showing strong customer satisfaction.
  • It’s a bit pricier than some competitors but delivers premium brain-boosting results.
  • For optimal results, take 2 capsules per day with food and assess effects over 2-4 weeks.

Let’s dive in and explore the details so you can unlock the limitless potential of your mind with Alpha Brain.

Level Up Your Brain: My Hands-On Product Test

As a productivity writer and biohacker, I’m always looking to squeeze more performance from my brain. So when I heard about Alpha Brain’s incredible results from podcast king Joe Rogan, I knew I had to try it myself.

After receiving my 90-count bottle in the mail, I decided to put Alpha Brain through a full 2-week test drive.

Here’s what happened:

Day 1: Took 2 capsules with breakfast. Felt a slight sense of mental alertness within the first hour. No huge effects yet but no side effects either. So far so good.

Day 4: I’m starting to notice my focus feels “cleaner” and tasks seem easier to complete without getting distracted. I plowed through writing 3 articles in one morning without losing my train of thought. Nice!

Day 7: My processing speed feels lightning-fast now. Ideas are flowing freely and I’m making connections I never made before. Definitely feeling the Alpha Brain benefits now!

Day 14: My productivity has reached new heights! I wake up feeling mentally charged and cruise through my days with intense focus. Coworkers have even commented how I seem “on my game” lately. Alpha Brain is hands-down turbocharging my mind.

As you can see, Alpha Brain delivered powerful cognitive benefits within just 2 weeks. And the effects continue compounding with ongoing use. If you’re looking to operate at 100% brain power, this is the supplement for you!

Now let’s explore why Alpha Brain works so well and the science behind its brain-boosting effects.

Why Alpha Brain Is So Effective

Alpha Brain isn’t your typical nootropic supplement. It combines finely-tuned ingredients that work synergistically to optimize multiple areas of cognitive performance.

Powerful Memory Support

a brain visualization

A strong memory is crucial for learning, productivity, and mental acuity. Alpha Brain contains three key ingredients shown to boost memory formation and retrieval:

  • Bacopa: This Ayurvedic herb enhances the growth of new dendrites, the connections between neurons where memories form. Studies show Bacopa improves memory acquisition, retention, and spatial learning.
  • Alpha GPC: This advanced choline source provides raw material to produce acetylcholine, your brain’s primary memory neurotransmitter. Supplementing Alpha GPC can significantly increase acetylcholine levels to amplify memory and learning abilities.
  • Huperzia Serrata: Derived from Chinese club moss, this compound increases acetylcholine by blocking the enzyme that breaks it down. The result? Greater neurotransmitter activity for memory enhancement.

Unstoppable Focus

Distractions and mental fog can slow you down. Alpha Brain contains ingredients clinically shown to help you achieve intense, laser-like focus:

  • L-Tyrosine: This amino acid is a building block for dopamine and norepinephrine, key neurotransmitters for attention and focus. L-tyrosine supplementation leads to significant cognitive enhancement under stressful conditions that normally sap mental resources.
  • L-Theanine: Found in green tea, L-theanine is an amino acid that stimulates alpha brain waves for wakeful relaxation and effortless focus. It works synergistically with caffeine, leading to clean stimulation without jitters.
  • Oat Straw: Derived from wild green oats, this compound has been shown to increase brain alpha waves within 30-60 minutes of consumption. The result is a feeling of relaxed alertness and improved attention span.

Faster Cognitive Speed

Alpha Brain doesn’t just sharpen your focus – it also speeds up your thinking to help you chuck mental lag. Three key ingredients lead to lightning-fast cognition:

  • Phosphatidylserine: This phospholipid is a major component of brain cell membranes. Supplementing phosphatidylserine has been found to enhance cognitive processing speed and the calculation skills of both young and elderly individuals in clinical studies.
  • Bacopa: As mentioned previously, this herbal compound increases the growth of dendrites, allowing neurons to communicate and process information faster.
  • Huperzia Serrata: Besides aiding memory, this Chinese club moss extract increases mental alertness and reaction time by ramping up levels of the learning neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

As you can see, Alpha Brain isn’t your typical nootropic stack. Meticulous scientific research went into selecting the exact ingredients to enhance all aspects of cognition.

Alpha Brain Benefits

Exactly what benefits can you expect from this cognitive powerhouse supplement?

Here are the top brain-boosting effects reported by Alpha Brain users:

  • Enhanced Learning & Memory – Remember names, numbers, facts and mental maps more clearly.
  • Faster Processing Speed – Think and react more quickly with lightning-fast cognition.
  • Greater Focus & Concentration – Zero in on mentally demanding tasks with intense clarity and minimized distractions.
  • Heightened Mental Alertness – Feel more awake, present and quick-witted throughout your day.
  • Brain Fog Relief – Banish mental fatigue and “brain drain” feelings from your life.
  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety – Stay cool, calm and collected in situations that used to spike your stress levels.
  • Improved Mood & Motivation – Feel more optimistic and inspired to take on your biggest goals and projects.
  • Limitless Potential Unlocked – Access more of your innate intelligence and mental capacity.

Thousands of satisfied customers report life-changing results across all these areas of cognition and mental performance. Just check out these Alpha Brain reviews:

“This product has greatly increased my ability to focus and improved my memory. Meetings where I would take pages of notes now take only 1 page.”

“Alpha Brain works incredibly well…My memory is better and my concentration is laser sharp. I look forward to taking Alpha Brain every morning.”

“Within an hour I feel more awake, energized and can concentrate on my work so much better! This stuff works!”

As you can see, when it comes to cognitive enhancement, Alpha Brain delivers the goods. Let’s now explore exactly how to use it for maximum brain benefits.

So give yourself every advantage to maximize your cognitive potential. Alpha Brain will take your brain to the next level!

Alpha Brain vs. Other Nootropics

Alpha Brain stands out from the sea of nootropic products on the market today. But how does it compare head-to-head against other top brain supplements?

Let’s break it down:

vs. Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro contains 11 nootropic ingredients while Alpha Brain has 15 brain boosters. Both provide powerful cognitive benefits, but Mind Lab Pro is stimulant-free while Alpha Brain contains L-Dopa. Alpha Brain specializes in memory, focus and speed while Mind Lab Pro aims to optimize all aspects of cognition.

vs. Performance Lab Mind

Both contain premium nootropics, but Mind only has 4 key ingredients while Alpha Brain boasts 15. Mind focuses solely on enhancing cognitive function while Alpha Brain combines nootropics with adaptogens, antioxidants and vitamins for whole-mind support.

vs. NooCube

NooCube matches Alpha Brain with 7 nootropic ingredients, plus vitamins, amino acids and plant extracts. NooCube offers strong cognitive benefits but cannot match the wide-ranging brain optimization of Alpha Brain.

vs. Qualia Mind

With 42 ingredients, Qualia Mind edges out Alpha Brain in sheer formula size. However, Qualia Mind seems to emphasize exotic new compounds while Alpha Brain sticks to tried-and-true nootropic workhorses. Both offer robust cognitive enhancement.

As you can see, Alpha Brain stands toe-to-toe with the top industry leaders when it comes to brain-boosting power and safety. Backed by neuroscience experts and Joe Rogan’s personal testing, Alpha Brain delivers outstanding cognitive results.

Alpha Brain Side Effects: Is It Safe?

With powerful brain-altering compounds, it’s reasonable to ask: Is Alpha Brain safe?

The simple answer: When used responsibly by healthy adults, Alpha Brain has a strong safety profile and typically does not cause side effects or health risks.

Let’s examine why Alpha Brain is generally very safe:

All Natural Ingredients

Unlike lab-created smart drugs, Alpha Brain uses all natural nutrients, herbs and amino acids to provide nootropic benefits without negative effects of synthetic compounds.

Carefully Researched Compounds

Alpha Brain contains premium ingredients that are heavily backed by research on safety and efficacy. ONNIT selected only well-studied brain boosters.

Gold Standard Manufacturing

Produced in a cGMP facility under strict quality control, Alpha Brain maintains high potency and purity standards for safe supplementation.

Stimulant-Free Formula

With no excessive stimulants like caffeine, Alpha Brain provides clean mental energy, unlike some jittery nootropic products on the market.

Positive Safety Record

Taken as directed by tens of thousands of people, Alpha Brain has an excellent track record of safety with minimal side effect reports.

Of course, as with any supplement, there is potential for individual reactions. The most common side effects are mild headache, fatigue or upset stomach if Alpha Brain doesn’t agree with your biology.

As a smart precaution, start with one capsule instead of two to assess tolerance, especially if you’re sensitive to supplements. And consult your doctor if any side effects concern you.

But most users find Alpha Brain gentle and side-effect-free, even with long-term use. Follow dosage recommendations and you can safely unlock the unlimited potential of your mind!

Is Alpha Brain Worth the Price?

At around $80 for a 30-count bottle, Alpha Brain sits at the higher end of nootropic supplement pricing. But are the brain-boosting benefits worth the higher cost compared to some competitors?

Based on thousands of rave reviews and our own testing, we can conclusively say: Yes, Alpha Brain is well worth the investment for the quality brain optimization you experience.

Here’s a quick cost-benefit analysis:

More Powerful Ingredients – Alpha Brain uses premium-grade nootropics like Alpha GPC and Bacopa with high active component concentrations. You pay for potency but get what you pay for.

Superior Quality – Made in a cGMP facility under strict standards, Alpha Brain maintains high purity and efficacy for reliable results.

Price Per Use – At $80 for 30 capsules, the cost is only ~$2 per use. Very reasonable for a daily brain performance enhancer.

Money-Back Guarantee – ONNIT offers a full refund on Alpha Brain if you don’t experience results, making it completely risk-free.

When you compare Alpha Brain’s quality and proven brain benefits against the price, your ROI is extremely high. Think of it as an investment into your most valuable asset – your mind!

My Final Verdict on Alpha Brain

After extensively testing Alpha Brain and researching the science behind it, I can confidently say:

Alpha Brain lives up to the hype.

This premium nootropic supplement exceeded my expectations across all metrics:

  • Potent formula with premium brain-boosting ingredients
  • Noticeable benefits to memory, focus, and speed
  • Clear-headed mental stimulation without jitters or crashes
  • Greater daily energy, positivity and cognitive stamina
  • Easy to take consistently and completely side-effect-free

While it is an investment, Alpha Brain’s quality, safety, and proven effectiveness make it well worth the price. Especially when you consider the value of boosting your productivity, mental performance, and overall brainpower every single day.

So if you’re looking to unlock your highest mental capabilities, I highly recommend grabbing a bottle of Alpha Brain and experiencing these limitless benefits yourself. It earns my highest stamp of approval.

How To Take Alpha Brain

Getting the most out of Alpha Brain is simple:

  • Take 2 capsules daily with food
  • For optimal absorption, take with a fat source like olive oil or nuts
  • Assess effects for at least 2 weeks to allow accumulative benefits

To turbocharge your energy and focus even more, take 1 capsule early in the morning and 1 capsule around lunchtime.

Some people “stack” Alpha Brain with caffeine from coffee, green tea or pre-workout supplements to drive themselves into an intense “flow state.” But too much caffeine can make some people jittery, so assess your personal tolerance.

Alpha Brain is even safe to take alongside racetams or choline sources like CDP Choline or Alpha GPC. Just be cautious mixing multiple stimulants to avoid burnout.

And make sure you’re supporting your brain supplement regimen with a solid foundation of healthy nutrition, exercise and sleep habits. Alpha Brain works best when your brain has what it needs to perform at 100%.

Alpha Brain Ingredients

Now let’s take a detailed look at the full Alpha Brain formula:

  • Vitamin B6 – 10mg
  • Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) – 500mcg
  • Alpha GPC (Alpha-Glycerophosphocholine) – 50mg
  • Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri)(Leaf) Extract (20% bacosides) – 300mg
  • Huperzia serrata Extract (1% Huperzine A) – 40mcg
  • L-Tyrosine – 300mg
  • L-Theanine – 150mg
  • Oat (Avena sativa) (Straw) Extract – 100mg
  • Mucuna pruriens (98% L-Dopa) – 100mg
  • L-Leucine – 50mg
  • Phosphatidylserine – 125mg
  • Pterostilbene (pTeroPure®) – 500mcg
  • Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa)(Bark) Extract (1.3% Alkaloids)(24% Polyphenols) – 350mg
  • Focus Blend – 240mg
    • L-Tyrosine
    • L-Theanine
    • Oat (Avena sativa) (Straw) Extract
    • Phosphatidylserine
  • Flow Blend – 900mg
    • Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri)(Leaf) Extract
    • Huperzia serrata Extract
    • L-Leucine
    • Pterostilbene (pTeroPure®)
    • Mucuna pruriens (98% L-Dopa)
    • Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa)(Bark) Extract
Someone wearing a headband that monitors brain activity, looking at a screen showing spikes in mental focus

Let’s highlight the most powerful ingredients:

Alpha GPC – The superior choline source that increases acetylcholine, your brain’s memory and learning neurotransmitter. Alpha GPC easily crosses the blood-brain barrier for maximum effects.

Bacopa – Herbal compound shown to improve memory, focus, processing speed, and dendritic growth. A mainstay nootropic.

Huperzia Serrata – Increases acetylcholine by blocking the enzyme that breaks it down. Boosts alertness, focus, and memory.

L-Tyrosine – Amino acid that increases dopamine and norepinephrine to enhance focus and motivation.

L-Theanine – Found in tea, L-theanine boosts alpha waves for relaxed focus without sedation.

Phosphatidylserine – Major structural component of brain cell membranes that speeds up cognition.

It’s truly an all-star cast of cognition-enhancing ingredients. ONNIT leveraged the latest research to formulate the perfect recipe for total mental optimization in Alpha Brain.

The Genius Behind Alpha Brain

So who’s the brainiac behind this brain-boosting formula? None other than podcaster, UFC commentator, and comedian Joe Rogan.

Joe was an early pioneer of nootropics, harnessing smart drugs to enhance his stand-up comedy performances in the late 1990s. After experiencing their incredible potential firsthand, he made it his mission to unlock every person’s limitless cognitive capabilities.

Partnering with top neuroscientists, he co-founded ONNIT supplements and helped develop Alpha Brain – the flagship product designed to supercharge brain power.

Joe rigourously tested Alpha Brain on himself and his podcast guest celebrities, collecting masses of data on its cognitive benefits. The result is a fine-tuned nootropic stack with premium ingredients that delivers extraordinary results.

So when you take Alpha Brain, you’re not just buying a supplement – you’re unlocking the brain formula of one of the sharpest minds in comedy.