Four Sigmatic Mushroom Ground Coffee Review: The Smart Drug Coffee That Will Make You Unstoppable

Hey there! This is the lowdown on an incredible new smart drug coffee called Four Sigmatic Mushroom Ground Coffee.

Now I know what you’re thinking – mushrooms in my coffee? That sounds crazy! But stick with me here, because this stuff is next level.

After trying Four Sigmatic myself, I’m convinced it’s one of the best legal brain hacks out there for focus, creativity, and next-level thinking.

This coffee could take your mental game to a whole new level. I’m gonna walk you through all the details so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Four Sigmatic combines organic Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushrooms with delicious fair trade coffee for brain-boosting benefits
  • In my experience, it delivers 6+ hours of intense, crash-free focus and creativity
  • The Lion’s Mane added noticeable improvements in memory and clarity
  • It’s smooth, rich coffee flavor with no bitter aftertaste
  • May also provide immune-boosting antioxidants from the Chaga
  • More affordable and convenient than buying mushrooms separately
  • Could be a game-changer if you want sharper thinking without prescription smart drugs

Alright, let’s dig into the details on this fascinating fungus-fortified coffee!

My Experience With The “Smart Drug” Coffee

I’m always looking for ways to boost my creativity, mental clarity and razor-sharp focus. I need my “thinker” firing on all cylinders when I’m on a long shift or tackling a long 2-hour podcast.

I’d heard about people microdosing mushrooms for increased creativity. But taking shrooms before work sounded like a quick path to bombing on the job!

That’s when a buddy told me about Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee–it’s like microdosing mushrooms for your morning coffee, but 100% legal and FDA compliant. They’ve harnessed the genius of two different mushrooms into their coffee grounds:

Lion’s Mane – This mushroom has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to boost focus and creativity. Studies have shown it can improve memory, clarity and cognitive function. I really noticed an uptick in my mental quickness and memory recall after starting Four Sigmatic’s coffee with 250mg of Lion’s Mane per serving.

Chaga – Known as the “King of Mushrooms,” chaga is packed with antioxidant and immune-boosting polysaccharides. It’s one of the world’s most powerful superfoods. While I didn’t really “feel” any immune boost, every little bit helps.

When I first tried Four Sigmatic, I was skeptical but intrigued. But after drinking it for 2 weeks now, I’m completely sold. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • Incredible focus – I can zero in like a laser beam on creative projects for 6+ hours when I drink this coffee. It’s a clean, smooth focus too – no jitters or scattered thoughts. Feels like I unlocked the full potential of my mind.
  • Heightened creativity – New ideas and bits of stand-up material come flowing out effortlessly after I’ve had a cup of Four Sigmatic. It’s like putting my brain on hyperdrive.
  • No crash – No rollercoaster energy spikes and dips like I’d sometimes get with regular coffee. The Lion’s Mane gives me enduring mental stamina all morning long.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take laser focus and limitless creativity over my usual morning mental fog any day of the week!

Overall, if you’re looking for an edge in business, academics, or creative work, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee a shot. Keep reading and I’ll tell you more about why it works and the science behind it.

Why Combine Mushrooms With Coffee?

Now you might be wondering…why would anyone dump mushrooms in a perfectly good cup of coffee? That’s a fair question.

But when you understand the unique benefits of each ingredient, you’ll see why it’s such a powerhouse combo. We already covered the two mushrooms they use:

Lion’s Mane – Shown to boost focus, memory, clarity and cognitive function

Chaga – Loaded with immune-boosting antioxidants

When you combine those mushrooms with caffeine from organic fair trade coffee beans, you get a one-two punch:

The caffeine provides quick-hitting energy and focus to supercharge your morning. But for some people, coffee can cause jitters, anxiety, digestive issues, and energy crashes later in the day.

That’s where the mushrooms come in – the Lion’s Mane and Chaga provide:

  • Sustained, crash-free mental stamina
  • Better memory and cognition
  • Less jitteriness thanks to adaptogenic mushrooms
  • Smoother energy profile without spikes and dips

Basically, it’s like combining a superfood brain vitamin with your daily coffee. Together they can take your thinking to heights you’ve never experienced.

Think of it like mixing pre-workout with protein powder – both compliment each other to help your workout in synergistic ways. That’s what’s happening with the mushrooms and coffee in Four Sigmatic.

For me, it’s been a total game-changer for my productivity and creativity. If you want coffee that unlocks the genius within, Four Sigmatic’s blend is a great bet.

Brews Smooth, Rich Coffee With No Bitter Aftertaste

Here’s the million dollar question: how does Four Sigmatic actually taste? After all, if it tastes like dirty gym socks then no one’s going to drink it no matter how good the brain benefits are!

I’m happy to report that Four Sigmatic delivers on both fronts: it tastes incredible AND enhances your thinking.

It’s a smooth, rich dark roast coffee that’s never harsh or bitter. The Honduran coffee beans they use are grown at an ideal high elevation, resulting in a low-acid and well balanced java. I’m admittedly a coffee snob, but I legitimately enjoyed every sip of Four Sigmatic’s coffee. It’s right up there with my favorite gourmet roasts.

The mushroom ingredients blend seamlessly into the flavor profile – you mostly just taste high-quality coffee. There’s an ever-so-slight earthy undertone from the mushrooms, but I found it pleasant, not overpowering.

If I served you a cup of Four Sigmatic without telling you about the mushrooms, you’d think it was premium artisan coffee. So if you’re worried it will taste weird or medicinal, I can tell you from experience that it’s delicious coffee through and through.

The mushrooms provide FUNCTION, while the coffee beans provide fantastic FLAVOR. It’s a winning combo in my book. I’d take the brain-boosting benefits of Four Sigmatic over a regular cup of joe any day.

Convenient AND More Affordable Than Buying Mushrooms Separately

Another bonus with Four Sigmatic coffee is convenience and cost. Sure, you could buy dried Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushrooms separately and make your own brain-boosting coffee concoctions.

But who has time to hunt down quality mushroom suppliers, fiddle with ratios, and tweak recipes? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Four Sigmatic takes care of all the work for you. Their mushroom coffee comes pre-formulated and ready to brew. All you have to do is scoop it into your coffee maker. Beyond the convenience factor, it’s also the cheaper route. Getting equivalent doses of these high-quality mushrooms on your own would cost a small fortune!

But Four Sigmatic offers these brain-boosting benefits in an affordable, everyday coffee product. It’s your daily coffee ritual made smarter. For biohackers and anyone looking to legally upgrade their gray matter without breaking the bank, Four Sigmatic is a no-brainer (see what I did there?).

My Review in a Nutshell

Let me sum up this mushroom-infused masterpiece coffee:

Taste: Smooth, delicious coffee with no weird medicinal flavors

Mental Benefits: 6+ hours of intense focus and creativity thanks to Lion’s Mane

Physical Effects: No jitters, anxiety or crash like normal coffee

Convenience: More affordable and easier than buying mushrooms separately

Overall: An incredible way to start your day with optimized brain performance

If you want to unlock the genius within through the power of medicinal mushrooms, Four Sigmatic could be a game-changer for you like it’s been for me. Give it a shot today and let me know what you think! I’m betting you’ll be amazed by how dialed in you feel.

Order some today and you’ll be thinking faster and clearer in no time. It’s a life upgrade in a bag.

Now let’s get to some commonly asked questions about this interesting mushroom coffee:


Yes, 100%. All ingredients are natural foods and FDA compliant. It simply combines coffee with Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushroom fruiting bodies.

Yep! I’ve used it in drip machines, pour over, French press and more with great results. It’s pre-ground to work across brew methods.

Each 12 oz bag makes around 18 cups of coffee. Exact yield depends on your preferred strength. I got 16-20 servings per bag.

Four Sigmatic uses Arabica beans which are moderate in caffeine. You get a solid energizing effect but without feeling wired.

I didn’t experience any downsides. Start with 1 cup to assess tolerance. Some users reported GI discomfort at high doses.

I suggest trying it for at least 2 weeks to fully experience the benefits. Drink it daily in the mornings on an empty stomach.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to help fellow biohackers find game-changing products like this one. Cheers and hope you “think” your way to an incredible day my friends!